Architecture 3.0

“how technology is taking the world of design into a whole new dimension”

As part of Digital Shoreditch festival, I presented the following presentation on May 29th. If the player below doesn’t work for you, you can always view it at the prezi site.. A video of the presentation will be coming soon.

Technology has long history in the world of design and architecture. Before there was social networking, search engines and email, the architectural industry made a big step from pencil drawings on velum to the digitized world of CAD drawings. Now 30 years later the next big step in the industry is changing the what, how, and why of what we do.

This session will show you a behind the scenes look into the architecture industry and show how technology is playing a key role in the next evolution of it. Focusing on the conversion to Building Information Modelling (BIM), parametric modelling, and data generation/analysis, this talk will give you a snap shot of this change.

We will show you how this technology is changing HOW we design the building you occupy. We will look into WHY it’s changing the design of the built environment. And we will pose the question to the tech industry of WHAT role you will play in this next evolution.

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