Revit: Shared Coordinates & UK OS Grid

Shared Coordinates in Revit, I would argue are one of the hardest things to get to grips with. They are essential for setting up projects locations and coordinating the alignment of models from other consultants. However as the set up of a project usually happens only once at the beginning by one person, there isn’t many opportunities to learn it. As a BIM Coordinator on a project, you might do it and then not have to repeat it for months. This alone makes it a difficult process to learn. To add it it, I believe Revit doesn’t make it very easy to see how the system works. It hides some of the visual aids that would allow users to understand it easily. So the result is a challenge to say the least.

In July 2015, I was asked to present to the London Revit User Group a session on Shared Coordinates and specifically how they work with the UK Ordnance Survey National Grid. In the UK, we locate our projects using real world coordinates based off a standard grid. So it’s critical to ensure that Revit understand where your project sits or you could have things go terribly wrong. Although I would love to add the full presentation with narration to site, the presentation was a lot of live demo. Therefore I will just have to tease you with the slides… hopefully you can get something out of the Prezi below. For those who made it to the presentation, I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to send me feedback on what you thought.

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