gets a new home and a fresh start

Krigh Bachmann gets a new home and a fresh start

April 26, 2021 Just Life 0

As I’ve been putting things in place for my new YouTube channel, Building on BIM, I decided it was also time to stop ignoring my website and give it a fresh start. I’ve owned this site since 2004 when I managed to grab it before the last of the .com’s were gone. In fact, I finally got around to migrating it off of Network Solution (horrible service) who had been hosting it since I got it. Although I’ve used it as a portfolio, a resume, a photo gallery, and can even say it helped me get my first job in the industry, I’m still not entirely sure what I will do with it this time. With so many other platforms for sharing content these days that require less effort and money to keep up, a personal website seems less relevant these days. But I’ve always liked the idea of having a place that I can call my own. No matter which country or company I now call home, one thing is for certain, if you are looking to find me, you can at

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